Education and Training Programs

Pakistan is a country with 200 million populations. Its illiteracy rate is more than 50%. There it resulting in unemployment, increase in crime, slavery and forced religious conversion. Further, in some institution the curriculum is discriminatory which create hatred division and violence.

To address the issue of discrimination, violence, division, un employment and marginalisation its important to provide a quality education to the people. Our objective is to bring marginalize and the oppress  sector in the main stream of Pakistan.

Some of the steps that we are taking as follow:

Scholarships for student

There are several Children who wish to study but can’t afford (school fees, good schools, books and accessories etc). To provide scholarship yet continue their studies is one of our main objective.

  • Tuition centers:

In Urban and remote areas, there are students who are weak in their studies and can’t compete with the other students coming from high standards city schools. To bring these weak students to a reasonable level of competition. Tuition Centre which will provide after school tuition will be helpful.

  • Curriculum of schools 

Campaign for curriculum change, we wish to provide a curriculum in the school which promote respect and love among people of diverse faith. Thus eliminating all those text, subject and phrases which may instill the message of hatred, division and intolerance. A series of workshops are required to achieve these goals. These seminars will include religious leaders, educators, politicians and students from university level.

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