Socio-economic developments

Our social development project aim to bring economic and social improvement in the lives of people through capacity building. We believe that poor people need variety of services and access of financial services together with capacity building is indeed one of the important components to help them to come out of poverty cycle. Unfortunately religious minorities in Pakistan belong to most poor sector of the society.Women and children are particularly the most affected by this situation with no or less access to quality food, shelter, education and health facilities. Therefore it create an envirement which make them easy prey of discrimination, violence and hatered. Poverty continues to be one of the Pakistan’s most pressing and chronic problems due to which several people living below poverty line are living in fear and salavery.

A series of capacity building activeties are in progress. A comunity centre has been estabilished in the Village of Khushpur where such activeties are organized and promoted. Several expert from S.Korea, Europe and Pakistan attend and actively participate in workshops, in particularly the S.Korean missionaries from “Better world” introduced their economic model for elimination of poorty organizing workshops which is attended by several youth groups. A number of students from Pakistan have been sent to study in s.Korea to promote socio-enomic development in Pakistan.

Furthermore we support farmers of rural areas to promote agriculter, as more than 50 % of our rural population are farmers and in most areas of Pakistan the land is Arid due to lack of irrigation water. We help to introduce modern tecniques of cultivation and support to establish irrigation plant wherever possibile.

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