Cultural Exchange

The education and cultural exchange is one of the essential key to promote peace in any society that wants to be open to a future of progress and peaceful coexistence while respecting differences. In Pakistan there is a lack of an inclusive education system, in which everyone can be recognized on the basis of common citizenship, which does not discriminate for religious or gender and for the economic and social condition.  Azione Cattolica took a step to initiate for cultural exchange :

They invited three students from Pakistan in 2014 and then invited another three students in 2015. Every year they are supporting us for the education and cultural exchange.
The literacy rate in Pakistan is only 55.5%. Half of all adults, including two out of three women are illiterate. In 2012 it was estimated that 20 million school children, including 7.3 million children of primary-end, did not attend school. This deprived them of their right to education and the opportunity to contribute their potential in society.

What to do?
– scholarships for all levels of education, from primary school to university, in Pakistan or abroad;
– counseling for families to motivate young people to study (curb child labor, tackling barriers to education female);
– seminars with the involvement of school leaders, the media, political and religious leaders, to make schools an engine of peaceful coexistence and social progress, hateful eliminating discrimination;
– rehabilitation centres and support for students from schools with low levels of educational quality, which currently do not have access to competitions qualified;
the establishment of primary schools in the rural areas and the establishment of pre-university classes in village schools to facilitate access to university, since many students, especially girls, are excluded.

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