The Association (MSB) is dedicated to the service of those who are innocent victims of the society, by religious discrimination, terrorism and violence. MSB’s mission is to help poor and support the vulnerable people who can’t raise their voice for their basic rights, particularly the people of Pakistan.

Anyone  can join us who wish to share this ideology .

Our main objectives are as follow: 
    • Protection and assistance to innocent victims of violence
    • Promotion of inter-religious dialogue and relationships
    • Promotion of quality education without bias
    • Equal rights as citizen
    • Women’s empowerment
    • Socio-economic development of marginalized communities

Shahbaz Bhatti Memorial Trust ( SBMT ) was founded after the murder of Shahbaz, in April 2011, with these goals
– Ensuring economic justice, political and social environment for all citizens;

– Fight for legal equality of religious minorities, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests;

– Ensure the adequate representation of minorities in all spheres of national life: the national government, provincial and local, federal and provincial services, civil service, armed forces, education;

– To secure independent and impartial judiciary;

– Ensure proper census of population and housing, and the resulting allocation of adequate budgetary allowances;

– Promoting peace, brotherhood and inter-cultural and inter-religious harmony.

Missione Shahbaz Bhatti collaborates with SBMT