Awareness programs

Seminars in village of Khushpur for women's right

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Legal Assistance and Protection

We wish to extend our legal assistance and protection in seven areas of Pakistan (Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Quetta, Peshawer and Krachi/Hydrabad. At present we are working in two areas (Islamabad and Lahore) providing above mentioned services. We are seeking sources to extend these services also in other  five regions.

There are several acts of violence and false accusation against people who can't defend themselves. Most of the time these people are arrested, jailed and tortured.  It has created  an environment of fear, frustration and marginalization.

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Solar Irrigation Plant

This Solar Irrigation Plant was inaugurated by Canadian delegation led by His Excellency, Mr Greg Giokas, Canadian High Commissioner to Pakistan, accompanied by Mr Denis Chouinard, Counsellor Trade and Political, Attiya Hidayat, from the Canadian High Commission, and hosted by Dr Paul Jacob Bhatti, Former Minister of National Harmony and Chairman of Shahbaz Bhatti Memorial Trust (SBMT) All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA).

This plant is established near the village of Khushpur. This is a village about 10, 000 population where 90% of people’s main source of income is agriculture. With the time the land became arid and salty with great short of water. Therefore, almost 70% land became infertile.To increase the quantity of existing water which was very less. A project to plant tube well run by solar energy was introduced. This project is bringing significant changes in the life of people.


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Education and Training Programs

Pakistan is a country with 200 million populations. Its illiteracy rate is more than 50%. There it resulting in unemployment, increase in crime, slavery and forced religious conversion. Further, in some institution the curriculum is discriminatory which create hatred division and violence.

To address the issue of discrimination, violence, division, un employment and marginalisation its important to provide a quality education to the people. Our objective is to bring marginalize and the oppress  sector in the main stream of Pakistan.

Some of the steps that we are taking as follow:

Scholarships for student

There are several Children who wish to study but can't afford (school fees, good schools, books and accessories etc). To provide scholarship yet continue their studies is one of our main objective.
  • Tuition centers:
In Urban and remote areas, there are students who are weak in their studies and can’t compete with the other students coming from high standards city schools. To bring these weak students to a reasonable level of competition. Tuition Centre which will provide after school tuition will be helpful.
  • Curriculum of schools 
Campaign for curriculum change, we wish to provide a curriculum in the school which promote respect and love among people of diverse faith. Thus eliminating all those text, subject and phrases which may instill the message of hatred, division and intolerance. A series of workshops are required to achieve these goals. These seminars will include religious leaders, educators, politicians and students from university level.

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Women's training centre 2018

Abbiamo completato l'edificio per un progetto di scuola di formazione femminile, dove la maggior parte delle donne riceverà una formazione professionale con opportunità di lavoro immediato. A questo proposito alcune delle industrie di spicco stanno la loro collaborazione per prepararle professionalmente con il breve corso da tre a sei mesi. Dopo la loro formazione, una concreta opportunità di lavoro, che sarà offerta dalle suddette industrie che hanno già un buon nome e hanno stabilito una crescita a livello nazionale e internazionale.

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Community centre

A peace centre for creating peace and harmony in society  in the district of Faisalabad

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Our Mission


Protection and assistance to innocent victims of violence

This allows us to achieve protection and support to persons belonging to a religious minority in Pakistan and a platform to speak for the rights of innocent and marginalised people of the society.


Promotion of inter-religious dialogue and relationship

Promotion of inter-religious dialogue and relationship is fundamental to create a peaceful co-existence among people of diverse faiths in Pakistan. Therefore, we have formed inter-religious committees, organise seminars and workshops by engaging prominent and influential religious leaders. We are convinced that it can reduce discrimination, hatred and intolerance among people of diverse faith creating unity and harmony for a prosperous society.


Promotion of quality education without bias

The need to introduce significant changes in the education system today is given especially by the situation of discrimination faced by minorities and the spread of violence and terrorism, which threatens the life of the nation.


Equal rights for all in Pakistan

Many people belonging to marginalized and poor communities of Pakistan, especially religious minorities, do not take part in political life, so they are not aware of their basic rights and they do not even claim to respect; often they suffer violations of fundamental rights and, not involved in the Community decisions, they remain voiceless.
Our training and educational projects promoting active citizenship and involve in decision making especially women and the most vulnerable sections of the population for the development of communities.


Women’s Empowerment

To consolidate the power of women by defending the full exercise of their right and improve the quality of life, equal rights for social and economic justice,determine financial and economic choices,equal opportunity for education,employment opportunity without any gender bias, safe and comfortable working environment by providing them awareness about their rights.


Elimination of Poverty

Our social development project aim to bring economic and social improvement in the lives of people through capacity building. We believe that poor people need variety of services and access of financial services together with capacity building is indeed one of the important components to help them to come out of poverty cycle.


Inspired and guided by the vision of Shahbaz

In an international environment increasingly marked by political and social tensions are ready to explode at any time, the atrocities committed against religious minorities show no sign of abating. Tensions, especially between Christians and Muslims, continue to claim victims in many countries around the world.

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